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A new way
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Create your menu in 3 simple steps!

  1. Sign up to access the administration panel.
  2. Add your restaurant and manage multiple ones from the same account.
  3. Customize your menu with categories, subcategories, and products.

Why Soy Menu?

Efficient Time Management

Bid farewell to the hassles of crafting images/PDFs or printing brochures! Swiftly update values on your soymenu dashboard for instant results.

Menu Sharing Made Easy

Share your menu effortlessly and promptly, expanding your customer reach in moments.

Personalized QR Code

Enjoy a consistent link or QR code, eliminating concerns of repeated sharing.

User-Friendly Interface

Creating a menu doesn't require design prowess. Just input data and you're ready to roll.

Mobile Management

Effortlessly manage your menu/pricelist from your phone. Say goodbye to paper and chalkboards. Customers access updated info on their mobiles.

Superior Image Quality

Rest assured about image quality. Our optimization ensures stunning display across all devices.

Some clients

Happy with our service

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Single plan, fast and efficient

All the benefits of our product, with no limitations. There are no hidden plans.

Need help creating your menu? Contact us, and we'll create the menu for you..

Below, we show you the benefits you'll get when you choose Soy Menu.

  • Independence to create, update, delete, and arrange your categories, subcategories, and products
  • Edit and download your menu in QR (digital) or PDF (physical) format. Both ready for printing without the need to hire a designer.
  • You can specify the times at which you want your products to appear (e.g., only during lunch hours).
  • Menu customization (logos, colors) based on your brand identity
  • Access to the menu via QR code and a website with your restaurant's name
  • Add WhatsApp and Instagram buttons so your customers can communicate with you
  • Translations of your menu so your customers can view it in their language
  • User management and permissions